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New Audi Q7 vs Volvo XC90 (Video)


Right now, if you are looking to cart your family around in tech-laden, leather-lined comfort, you are spoilt for choice. These towering titans of family transport are both popular in their own right and offer much the same in terms of comfort and features. So, what separates them, and, assuming you have no predilection for Audi or Volvo, which one should you buy: the Q7 or XC90?

To try and answer this tricky question, we set out for the day with a the new Audi Q7 3.0TDI Quattro, and a Volvo XC90 D5 Inscription. This comparison looks at and rates the two SUVs on ride quality, engine performance, cabin quietness, comfort, features, price, optional extras and load space.